Freud, Piaget, Erikson, and Maslow are the last name of prominent psychologists.

They have all gone to great lengths to develop their own unique theories. The
theories that they have created, pertaining to personality, happen to be the
four best-known theories of personality growth. Sigmund Freud developed the

Psychoanalytic Approach. It centers on how instincts propel development. Freud

Suggested a chain-reaction would occur if a child had a difficulty in a certain
point in life. He identified five development stages from birth to the middle of
adolescence. One who was influenced by Sigmund Freud was Jean Piaget. He focused
on the stages of intellectual development in children. He found that the
responses of children and the peers to questions on many subjects to be quite
similar. Erik Erikson examined development in terms of social reinforcement.

Erikson believed that a person’s progress and development depended upon his or
her social relations at key points in life. Erikson also created eight stages
called social development stages. Abraham Maslow was another developer of an
important theory. Maslow believed that human needs were classified into
different levels. He came up with the idea that the lower basic needs, in the
“human needs pyramid,” need to be met before more complex needs can be
fulfilled. All of these psychologists created great theories that are used
widely today. These people contributed a great amount in their research. They
did so because they never gave up.